Which Cleaning Products Are Used for Watches & Jewellery?

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Just like everything else in life, jewelry needs to be cleaned periodically to remain looking at its best, so it’s important to know which products to use. With that in mind, the Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner line contains products suitable for every type of jewelry imaginable, including watches.

Choosing the right products for your needs can be tricky at first, but you needn’t worry, as we take closer look at them now to give you the lowdown. By the end, you’ll know what’s what and understand what to opt for, for best results. So, if you’re ready – let’s dive in!

General Jewellery Cleaning

The first option we look at are super-convenient and nice and compact. They come in the form of Connoisseurs Jewelry wipes and represent a nice, neat way of cleaning gold and silver jewelry quickly and easily. They come in a clip-shut case too, so there’s no worry about them drying out too soon! 

Equally suitable for cleaning watches, each pack comes with 25 disposable wipes that make light work of removing any tarnish or dirt that has built up.

Cleaning Diamond Rings

When you have a diamond ring that needs some freshening up, it’s time to reach for another of the various Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner products. This time it’s their Advanced Diamond Cleaner which comes equipped with a gentle bristle pen that has a special scratch-filling polymer inside. 

This is a quick and easy way to breathe life into any platinum of gold diamond engagement rings with inset precious stones.

Cleaning Silver Jewellery

Another of the wide range of Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner products for silver are their Dazzle Drops which contain a powerful anti-tarnish formula. Just a quick dip in the solution and a rub is usually enough to breathe life into old or tarnished jewelry made from silver.

Once it has worked its magic, giving it a once over with a polishing cloth will give it a gleam and lustre that will literally light up the room!

A Jewellery Product for Every Need

As you can see even with this brief selection of the available options, there is something from the Connoisseurs Jewelry cleaner range for pretty much every type of cleaning job imaginable. 

When you’re wanting to clean jewelry, it’s important that you don’t just leave what you use to get the job done to chance. Use the wrong products and you risk damaging your jewelry and if you use a cleaning cloth that’s too abrasive, you might leave scratches behind. 

At Maddison of Durham, we stock a wide range of jewelry cleaning products, so if you’d like to see our complete line of Connoisseurs cleaning items, you should take a look around our website. Alternatively, if you would like any advice or guidance on anything we’ve discussed here, simply email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

That’s it for this time. We hope you have found this blog useful. We’ll be back soon with more hints, tips and advice on all things watch and jewelry repair. We hope you can join us again.