Watch Glue & Cement

Glue and cement aren’t usually materials you associate with your watch. But when screws just won’t do, adhesives are here to bind together delicate materials. Glues and cement are primarily used in watch repair to attach glasses or crystals. While these materials are flexible and somewhat durable, the application of glue or cement will ensure that the watch glass does not slip out of its setting and aids in sealing the timepiece. Glues can also be used to attach delicate hour markers or to mend watch straps. Different glues and cement work best with different materials or require special equipment, like a UV light, so make sure to check your watch and use the appropriate adhesive.

Watch Strap Glue & Cement

At Maddisons of Durham, we supply from only the top manufacturers bringing all your favourite brands directly to you! GS Hypo has been the industry leader in watch and jewellery adhesive since its invention in 1939. We are proud to carry their line of premium cements.  Resibond is a silicone sealant used to seal watch glasses to your waterproof timepiece.

Maddisons of Durham has all the supplies you need to repair your favourite timepiece. Have questions? Get in touch; we’re here to help!

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