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The hands are one of the most recognisable parts of your watch. These delicate pieces are what we use to read the time, so if you have a problem with your hands, you have a problem with your watch. Hands are delicate and may incur damage if your timepiece is bumped, knocked, or your watch glass is broken. They also may wear with time, needing to be replaced or upgraded with a retrofit. Whether you’re updating or repairing your watch need to you’ll need specialist tools when working with the fragile hands of your timepiece. Without the right tools, it may be difficult to work with your timepiece, or even worse, the watch might get damaged.

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Maddisons of Durham offers a range of watch hand pressers and removers specifically designed to remove or replace most types of watch hands including; hour hand, second hand, minute hand, and other chronograph watch hands. We have all the tools you need to repair or replace your watch hands, so your timepiece will look and run like new. With specialist equipment from trusted manufacturers, we’re sure you’ll find the tool and parts you need at Maddisons of Durham. Still have questions? We’re here to help!

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