Watch Spring Bars

Spring bars are the small spring-loaded pins that join the watch case to its strap or bracelet. Most watches have two spring bars on the top and bottom of the case, but some timepieces with metal bracelets may have four or even six spring bars. As the name indicates, spring bars contain tiny telescopic springs inside them and in the ends. These springs can be pushed in on both sides to put the strap in place. Once aligned,  the tension can be released and the spring bars will expand holding the watch strap in place. Many modern watches will come with accessories including a watch strap tool to assist you when a watch strap needs to be altered or removed. 

Replacement Watch Strap Spring Bars

Watches come in all shapes and sizes, and so do spring bars. Spring bars fit into indentations on the inside of the metal shoulders of the watch case and come in various shapes, sizes, and diameters. The most common size spring bar diameter, 1.8mm, will fit most watches, but make sure to check your old spring bars to ensure your replacement is the perfect fit. Loose or poor fitting spring bars can lead to the loss or damage of your timepiece.

At Maddisons of Durham we have a great selection of spring bars in various sizes and materials, so you can find exactly what you need to repair your favourite watch. Not sure what you need? The experts at Maddisons of Durham are happy to help. Get in touch!

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