Rolling Mills

Adding a rolling mill to your studio or workshop can help you take your metalwork to the next level. This versatile machine does more than simply flatten, thin, and reshape metal. It brings with it a range of possibilities which will help you add more quality and finesse to your latest masterpieces. 

A rolling mill can also be used to emboss metals and add interesting patterns and textures so that you can create even more unique and stylish designs. It can also help to harden your metal every time it passes through the machine and is a great tool for fold forming, allowing you to achieve tighter, sharper, and cleaner work. Use your mill to help you save money by turning melted scrap metals into a usable sheet of metal. 

This vast array of functions makes a mill an essential piece of equipment for anyone involved in metalworking crafts, especially jewellery making. Rolling mills are also often used in gold and silversmithing, dental laboratories, and research institutions.

At Maddisons of Durham, we have an impressive range of rolling mills available so you can elevate your designs and improve the finesse of your work. Our range includes an extensive selection from Durston Tools, who are world-renowned for the quality and robustness of their products.

Jeweller’s Rolling Mill and Mini Rolling Mills

We are confident we can provide you with the product you need, whatever type of jewellery rolling mill you are looking for. Our range caters to all levels of expertise, from entry level models to more advanced mills. We also cover a wide range of budgets thanks to our extensive selection of mills. Our entry level rolling mills include the Durston Mini C80 Rolling Mill, a compact model with a roller width of 80mm, alongside its ‘big brother’ the Durston Mini C100E Combination Rolling Mill, which has a milling width of 100mm. These jeweller’s mini rolling mills are ideal for those starting out in the craft.

We also stock several models from the Durston DRM range, which are the brand’s original and best-selling mills and can help you achieve professional results. Our range also includes electric jewellery rolling mills, allowing you to work more quickly and for longer periods of time. This includes the DRM W130 Powered Wire model, as well as its more compact ‘sister’, the Durston DRM C130SS Powered Combination Rolling Mill. There are also combination mills available, which offer two sets of rollers, usually one for flat rolling and the other for grooved rolling.

We also sell a selection of pocket-friendly zig zag rolling mill machines, ideal for creating necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from thin metals. 

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Whatever your latest jewellery project, why not browse our collection today where you will find a comprehensive and high-quality range of jeweller’s rolling mills and mini rolling mills. 

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