Watch Battery Testers

When your watch slows down or stops working it can be a mystery. Is there something wrong with the movement or is it just the battery? What about all those old batteries in the back of your drawers? Are they any good? Check the life of your watch or other batteries and easily check for manual watch defects with a battery tester. 

At Maddisons of Durham, our selection of watch battery testers have been designed to allow you to easily check whether a stopped battery needs replacing or if a mechanical defect may be blocking the motor and affecting your timepiece. We stock a variety of watch battery testers to allow you to test your watches and diagnose problems with your watch batteries. These compact handheld watch battery testers will test your batteries in seconds.

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Whether your watch has stopped or needs a battery change, Maddisons of Durham has the equipment you need. From battery testers and capacitors, O-rings to movements, Maddisons of Durham is the place to go to keep your watch looking and running like new. Not sure what you need? The experts at Maddisons of Durham are here to help!

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