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If the movement is the beating heart of your watch, then oil and lubricants are the blood that keeps everything moving. Oil and lubricants (as the name states) are used for lubricating the movement. It’s key that your mechanical watch movement is properly lubricated as it reduces the friction of parts that will naturally wear against each other inside your timepiece. Without proper lubrication, this friction can lead to the wear or damage of your movement.

Lubrication is crucial to keeping your movement working properly, but the art of lubricating a mechanical movement is a difficult one. It takes time, patience, and proper know-how to get it right. Different oils are needed for different watches, and some movements need different types and amounts of lubrication. Before you attempt to oil your watch make sure that you have thoroughly checked the timepiece so you get the correct oils or lubricants.

Discover our extensive range of watch oils or lubricants. Maddisons of Durham has all the supplies your workbench requires to make any watch repair a breeze. Whether you’re an amateur tinkerer or a watch pro, keep your timepiece running like new with our selection of specialist tools and equipment. Not sure what you’re looking for? We’re here to help!

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