Jeweller’s Vices and Clamps

Whether you are engraving, polishing, or filing, a vice is an essential piece of equipment in any jeweller’s tool kit. A vice or clamp is used to hold your creation steady while you work on it, preventing it from moving around and pre-empting faults or mistakes. Jewellery making is a precise art requiring skill and a steady hand. But most jewellers use a vice or clamp to help them in their work, providing a strong and steady ‘third hand’ while they work on their latest creations. 

There is a vast array of vices and clamps available to use, catering for all jewellery making functions. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and there are two main types: those that are held in the hand while you work and those that are mounted to a bench. At Maddisons of Durham we have an impressive selection so you can find the perfect one for you, including both types of jeweller’s vice, together with a selection of ring clamps. Our range includes many pieces from the trusted jewellery tool manufacturer Durston Tools.

Jeweller’s Hand and Bench Vices

Handheld vices are small, convenient, and portable, allowing you to work in different studios or locations. Our range includes miniature handheld vices made from brass or steel, with jaw widths ranging from 5mm to 10mm. A jeweller’s hand vice is suitable for performing most jewellery making activities but is often particularly useful for holding very small items and or bending wires. We also stock a universal work holder which is a useful tool for gripping small or odd shaped parts that can also be used with a bench vice.

Many consider a bench vice to be essential on every jewellery maker’s workbench. It’s a jeweller’s vice which is attached to a bench and provides an extra strong pair of hands, freeing your own hands up completely to work on your next masterpiece. Attach this kind of vice to a sturdy workbench and you can saw, file, drill, and polish with minimum vibrations, allowing you to work more accurately and quickly. We sell bench vices in a range of sizes to cater for all types of jewellery work and all types of workshops. We also stock table vices which do not clamp onto the workbench as they have a heavy base to hold it in place, as well as vices with swivel functions so you can position your work exactly where you want it.

Jeweller’s Ring Clamps

Another toolkit essential is a jeweller’s ring clamp, which is used to hold rings in place while you work on them. We offer a range of wooden ring clamps, most of which have a side locking screw to hold the ring securely in place while you file, sand, or drill. 

We also stock a host of accessories including bench pegs, pin vices and vice adapters. Why not browse our impressive collection today to find the right tool for your next job.

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