Watch Crowns

Watch crowns can serve a variety of important and necessary functions on your watch. If you’re having trouble locating your crown, look for the small knob, usually on the right side of your watch, with machined lines running along the width to help give you a grip. This essential part is designed to give access to the inner workings of the watch movement to utilize a variety of functions. From winding and setting the time, to adjusting complications like date, moon phase, even using the stopwatch on your chronograph, the crown is the go-to component.

Watch Crown Replacements

Located on the outside edge of your watch, they can take a beating. While they’re built to withstand tough conditions, they are not indestructible and can be worn down from any knocks or bumps against hard surfaces. Due to this, watch crown repairs and replacements are fairly common. Watch crowns can be made of a variety of sizes, materials and finishes, so check your timepiece and make sure to get a crown to match.

Explore our selection of watch crowns to fit all your favourite brand watches. Maddisons of Durham has the watch crowns you need to keep your timepiece looking like new. Not sure which watch crown you need? We’re happy to help!

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