Watch Glass

Cracks happen. Even when you’re trying your best, sometimes life gets in the way. Watch glasses act as the window to your timepiece, and as a result, end up taking the brunt of any knocks that may occur with everyday wear and tear. Vintage watches would commonly use glass (where the name still derives from today) to top their watches, but modern timepieces are made of a variety of different materials to ensure the best strength for your timepiece.

Acrylic crystals are extremely flexible watch crystals and used in a wide range of watches. Mineral crystal is the super-charged version of traditional glass; heat or chemically treated to withstand scratches, it’s more robust than acrylic and found in a wide variety of timepieces. One of the benefits of acrylic and mineral crystals watch glasses is their ability to be cut or trimmed to fit different watch cases, making them a versatile option. 

Replacement Watch Glass

At Maddisons of Durham, you’re sure to find just what you need from our wide selection of acrylic and mineral crystal watch glasses. Maddisons of Durham has all the watch parts and tools you need to repair or replace the watch glass from your favourite brands like Cartier, Casio, Citizen, Omega, Seiko, Rolex and more. Still have questions? Get in touch!

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