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As the window to your timepiece, keeping your watch glass looking its best means keeping your watch looking its best. Chips and cracks can happen, and replacing your watch glass is a quick and easy fix that will leave your timepiece looking fresh and new. While many watches can be fit with standard sized glasses, glass cutting tools allow you to cut your watch glass to custom shapes ensuring it fits perfectly into your watch.

A wide range of watches use acrylic crystal glasses due to their extreme flexibility. Another popular option is mineral crystal, the super-charged version of traditional glass. One of the benefits of acrylic and mineral crystals watch glasses is their ability to be cut or trimmed to fit different watch cases, making them a versatile option. While their names may sound similar, don’t be fooled. Make sure to check your watch to determine whether your timepiece has acrylic or mineral crystal glass as each needs a specific type of cutting tool.

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