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At Maddisons of Durham, we have left no stone unturned in our efforts to provide bespoke watch replacement parts. We stock all of the watch parts you will need to repair your timepiece and to ensure that it runs better than ever before. We are one of the leading UK watch parts specialists, and it is something that we take very seriously.

Alongside our extensive collection of watchmaker’s tools and jeweller’s tools, we have numerous watch parts from all the leading brands. Whether you are seeking a Casio watch glass or a Citizen capacitor, then our online shop is the perfect place to turn. In fact, we stock everything from movements to spring bars and even watch bezel spares, too. So, whether you are looking for watch components, watch batteries or even watch straps, you are sure to find everything you are looking for here at Maddisons of Durham.

Watch replacement parts online

We have a dedicated watch parts section on the site, where you can filter the results to only show particular types of replacement watch parts, such as bezels, acrylic domed glass box sets or gaskets for example. You can filter products by colour, and you can also drill down products by type and material, as well as price. Alternatively, you can select the brand of watch you are repairing and see all the spare parts for that particular watchmaker’s products.

It is very easy to navigate your way around the site: you can divide products into popularity and average rating, so if you like to read reviews of products before committing to purchasing it, then you can do so as you please. Finally, all you need to do is click on any of the watch parts you are interested in to see further details.

We work with a wide array of brands. But one thing noticeable about Maddisons of Durham is Casio takes a prominent place on our page, as you will find replacement parts for all the latest models.

Keeping up-to-date about our watch parts

Now we’ve put you in the picture about how we run the watch parts service, you can keep up-to-date with all the latest news and product information by subscribing to our mailing list. We will inform you of all our handpicked deals and discounts via the mailing list, so make sure you sign up to keep yourself in the know.

You can also speak to an agent via our message form, so if you have any queries or concerns, then your issue will be dealt with effectively. In the meantime, make the most of the watch parts service, and much more at Maddisons of Durham. All of our watch parts are despatched if they are ordered before 2pm.

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