Along with our extensive array of jeweller’s tools and spare watch parts, we offer all of the watchmaker’s tools you might need to carry out a repair of virtually any modern watch at Maddisons. We have plenty of guides on our website that explain how to undertake repairs and which watchmaker’s tools might be best for certain jobs. Simply navigate to ‘watchmaker’s tools’ under ‘shop’ and you will instantly see all of the equipment we have available to purchase.

From the results screen, it is possible to filter your list of watchmaker’s tools. For example, you can only look at tooling which is within certain price ranges or sort your results such that they are listed from low to high in terms of price. There again, enter a search term for a particular tool and only that type will be listed. If you look under ‘categories’ on the left-hand side of the screen, you will also be able to see how many options there are for certain types of watchmaker’s tools, for example, those that are listed as case openers or as link removers. With Maddisons, customers can easily find all of the tools they will need. Anything from glass fitting machines to watch battery and component testers are available. You will also find plenty of specialist oils and lubricants as well as various screwdrivers designed for use with watches.

Click on any of the watchmaker’s tools you see for additional details. Place an order before 2 pm and we will ensure your tools arrive the next day. We also offer free 60 day returns.

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