Watch Consumables

Consumables are pieces or parts that have a single-use lifespan. Due to their nature, these pieces cannot be reused and will need to be fully replaced. Both professional and amateur watchmakers will come across repairs that involve consumable parts. 

One of the most common repairs that both professional and amateur watchmakers face is replacing a worn or missing buckle. These small parts are integral to keeping your watch on your wrist. Using a watch strap tool, adding a new buckle is straightforward. Make sure to measure both sides of your watch strap to get a secure fit. 

Day and date displays in watches can be pretty small and hard to read. Clear glass paste stones can be attached to your watch glass with UV glue, and act as a date magnifier. These small paste stones allow you to easily read the day or date display without having to replace your watch crystal. 

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From buckles to clock keys and everything in between, Maddisons of Durham have you covered. Explore our collection of watch consumables. We have all the tools and supplies you need to make your next watch repair a breeze. Now sure what you need? Get in touch with our experts!

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