Casio Watch Parts & Pieces

At Maddisons of Durham, we stock parts made by all of the biggest brands in watchmaking including Citizen, Omega and Seiko, to name but three. We also have a large selection of Casio watch parts to choose from. Casio is a Japanese manufacturer of musical instruments, mobile phones and digital cameras. However, since it was founded in 1946, Casio has probably been best known for its calculators and watches which is why there are so many spares required in the UK.

All of our Casio watch parts are of the highest quality and the genuine article. We have numerous Casio watch screws in stock at any given time, for example. These will also include a selection of decorative screws from within Casio’s range as well as others that are purely functional.

The Casio watch parts we have available also include spring bars and end links. You can also browse our extensive collection of Casio glasses. We offer those which are round as well as those which have the famous octagonal shape that fit Casio’s famous range of digital watches.

Many of these types of spares are made in the UK. Of course, we also have numerous O-rings and back gaskets to suit virtually every model of Casio watch that was ever made.

Why buy your Casio watch parts from Maddisons of Durham? We offer free returns within 60 days, next day deliveries and a price matching service whereby we’ll attempt to meet any genuine competitor pricing you may have seen.

Casio Watch Straps (288)

Casio Watch Bezels (161)

Casio O-Rings (123)

Casio Glass (83)

Casio Packing Gaskets for Glass (17)

Casio Screws (73)

Casio Spring Bars (17)

Casio Strap Keepers & Loops (5)

Casio Batteries (3)

Casio Bracelet Links (4)

Casio Bull Bars (4)

Casio Watch Buttons (8)

Casio Watch Crowns (1)

Casio End Pieces & Covers (27)

Casio E-Rings (1)

Casio Modules & Movements (1)

Casio Pin Rods (5)

Casio Sensor Covers & Washers (6)

Casio Colours (440)

Casio Materials (418)

Casio Models (439)