Connoisseurs Polishing Tools & Equipment

As one of the world’s leading jewellery cleaning brands, Connoisseurs is known for its high-quality products and reliable results. Many of their product ranges are just as suited to cleaning watches as they are necklaces, earrings and other forms of jewellery. At Maddisons of Durham, we have plenty of cleaning products on offer to complement our selection of watch tools and spare parts. As such, some of Connoisseurs silver cleaner products are likely to go down very well with watch repairers who are also purchasing their spare parts from us.

For example, Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops jewellery cleaner is ideal for watches. It will bring up gold, silver and platinum with a very fine finish and it will also be suited to watches that have diamonds and other precious stones embedded in them. Alternatively, you might like to consider a product like Connoisseurs’ Delicate Jewellery Polishing Dip. This particular cleaner is ideal when you need to clean gold plated watches. Indeed, it is equally suited to semi-precious and delicate stones such as turquoise, coral, onyx and even opal. An ammonia-free cleaner, it can also be used on costume watches.

Check out some of the Connoisseur cleaning cloths too. Along with the ones we stock that are primarily designed for jewellery, there is a specific watch cloth worth noting. This product is really a twin-cloth dry cleaning system in its own right. The inner cloth is for lighter cleans while the outer, darker cloth polishes watch surfaces extremely well. All the Connoisseurs jewelry polishing cloth – and more – are available from us with a free 60-day return period.

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