Carson Magnifiers – Making Things Clearer for Watch Repair

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There are many watch repair tools on the market, with each having a very specific use and purpose, but there’s one in particular that’s important for its own set of reasons. The fact is that there’s quite a lot of close-up work in watch repair and all of the watchmaker tools in the world can’t help you if you can’t see what you’re doing.

This is where Carson Magnifiers come in really useful, as they make everything crystal clear for even the most delicate and intricate of jobs. So, if your eyes are in need of a boost and you’d like to avoid tired or blurred vision from having to focus too hard, they’re just the ticket!

Let’s have a look at a few examples of magnifiers to complete your watchmaker toolkit…

The Handheld Magnifier

The first example is the RL-30 Remov-A-Lens magnifier which is a hand-held version that comes with changeable acrylic lenses. Easily swapped using the buttons built into the non-slip handle, it even has fold-out legs should you need to do some hands-free work. Its lightweight design makes it one of the most popular watch repair tools of its type.

The Pocket LED Magnifier

Next we look at the PO-55 MiniBrite Slide-Out 5x Power Pocket Magnifier, which also features a nifty in-built LED light that can instantly illuminate and sharpen your focus on whatever it is you’re working on. Using the most delicate watchmaker tools on intricate watch inner-workings often requires extra light that makes the job much easier to complete.

The Head Visor Magnifier

Now we bring you the CP-60 MagniVisor Deluxe LED Magnifier which allows you to use your watch repair tools with both hands as you carry out your work. Complete with 4 strengths of lens and a fully adjustable head strap and removable LED lamp that lasts for hours on a set of 3 AAA batteries, it’s so comfortable that it can also be used for reading!

The Tool-Mounted Magnifier

The last one on our list is the Carson MG-88 Lighted Lens LED With Tweezers which is one of the handiest watchmaker tools due to the fact that the magnifier is attached to tweezers directly. This allows the user to do the tweezer work without worrying about separate magnification and lighting. Offer 4.5x magnifying power, it’s a fine-point tweezer that’s ideal for watch repair, as well removing splinters!

Watch Repair Tools to Suit Every Need

As you can see, even in the sphere of magnifying glasses, there’s quite a selection. However, this is just a tiny fraction of the watchmaker and jewellery repair tools we offer at Maddisons of Durham. Whatever you need for watch cleaning, watch repair or anything else, we have a product to suit – something you can find out for yourself by visiting us online at

There is quite a wide range of choice, so if you have trouble deciding which of our products are right for you or you’d just like some friendly advice, fill your details into our contact form and we’ll get back to you without delay. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time from the home of top-quality watch repair tools.