VSGO Cleaning Tools & Equipment

At Maddisons of Durham, we stock a wide variety of watch parts and tools for numerous big brands in watchmaking. We also have a number of high-quality products made by VSGO. Unlike many of our watch spares, our VSGO watch parts are primarily made up of cleaning products. This is because VSGO is now a well-established brand in the field of professional cleaning equipment. The brand was initially conceived as one that would be dedicated to the design and production of new cleaning equipment for DSLR digital cameras but their products are just as suited to the cleaning of watches and watch parts.

Within our extensive range of VSGO watch parts, you will find items such as the VSGO Falcon-S outdoor air blower. It is designed for use outdoors when a camera lens needs to be cleaned without blowing dust onto the surface. However, it is extremely useful in watch repair workshops for the same reason that it is so well-regarded by photographers. It ensures you can blow air at a fast rate without kicking up dust, ideal for cleaning inside watches when you are fitting new spare parts, for example.

Other products worth considering within the range include VSGO’s cleaning kits. Again, these are designed for very fine work where accuracy is a must, making them ideal for watch repairers of all kinds. Why choose Maddisons of Durham for your VSGO watch parts? We offer free returns with 60 days and reliable, next day delivery for orders taken before 2 pm.

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