If you want to create beautiful, personalised and unique metalwork projects, then look no further than our impressive collection of ImpressArt metal stamps. Metal stamping is a simple and effective way to add a special design to your work, especially when handcrafting unique and sentimental keepsake jewellery items.

Bring your ideas and imagination to life with our range of hand stamping tools and accessories from ImpressArt. Maddisons of Durham are proud to be an ImpressArt UK stockist, helping crafters and entrepreneurs of all skill levels create beautiful and empowering pieces. We stock all the tools you need to embark on your journey in metal stamping, as well as a large selection of metal stamps for you to choose from.

ImpressArt Metal Stamps

Our ever-growing collection of ImpressArt tools includes the complete kit, everything from stamping hammers and jewellery blanks to those all-important ImpressArt design stamps. Ever popular, the ImpressArt letters are great for creating personalised and sentimental jewellery. Use them to stamp names, significant dates, or even motivational quotes onto jewellery blanks to create a special memento that will be cherished forever.

Choose from an ImpressArt stamping kit such as the Homeroom Signature Uppercase Letter Stamps, or buy individual stamps to build up your collection. Other stamp kits include hearts, zodiac signs and birth flowers. Individual stamps include the sweet ‘made with love’ slogan stamp, the Om sign, paw prints and a treble clef. Choose from a vast range of botanical-inspired metal stamps with our impressive array of leaf stamps, as well as the cute and quirky stamps featuring creatures such as a koi fish or a bumblebee.

ImpressArt Metal Tools, Equipment & Accessories

If you are new to metal stamping, or you simply need to top up your supply cupboard, we have a great collection of ImpressArt tools and accessories. Get everything you need to start a new metal stamping hobby and who knows where your designs could take you? Shop our stock of high-quality ImpressArt blanks to use as the base for your new and exciting designs.

We offer round and rectangular stamping blanks in brass, copper, and aluminium, as well as bracelet blanks in a host of sizes. Get the perfect jump rings too to attach charms and pendants to your jewellery items. The jump rings are also available in an array of colours and sizes.

Our ImpressArt toolkit includes the metal stamping hammer, stamper heads and strike jigs. Elevate the quality and spacing on your designs with the ImpressArt Stamp Guides Book, which makes it easier to space out mandala stamps and position them in more intricate patterns.

Discover ImpressArt’s fantastic range of stamps, tools, and accessories today and start creating beautiful bespoke keepsakes for any occasion. Your friends, family, and customers are sure to love and cherish their new lovingly crafted jewellery for years to come. Next day delivery is available on orders placed before 2pm.

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