A Guide to Essential Jewellery Soldering Tools

- Maddisons UK

If you’re still new to soldering jewellery and are looking for all the tools you need, we’ve put together a handy guide to get you started. This essential soldering equipment is a must-have for any beginner jeweller. Take a look below to see all the tools you’ll need to start building your kit.

Soldering Board, Blow Torches & Tweezers

Highly insulated and heat reflective, a soldering board is a must for all jewellery making when a blow torch is required. This helps protect your workbench from the heat.

Speaking of blow torches, you’ll need one to heat up your work quickly! This Durston torch is one of our best-sellers and is great for both beginners and professional jewellers alike.

Soldering tweezers are essential for handling hot, freshly soldered items. They allow you to move pieces into place easily. This set includes plenty of types to get you started.

Flux, Shears and Soldering Probes

A simple flux paste is a great place to start and can help hold joins in metal when soldering. It acts as a metal adhesive until the parts are securely attached together.

Shears are great for cutting up sheets of thin metal and pieces of solder. These shears have a comfortable grip too.

A borax cone allows you to make your own flux, and plenty of it too! The borax dissolves to form your own flux paste by grinding down the bottom of the cone in circular motions against a borax dish with a little water.

Used for moving around precious metals during the soldering process, soldering probes are ideal for use with gold and silver.

All of Your Jewellery Soldering Tools in One Place

So, if you’re new to soldering, we hope that we’ve taught you a thing or two about all the tools you’ll need to get going. We have an extensive range of equipment for all kinds of watch and jewellery repair products in stock at Maddisons of Durham and you can see them all by visiting us online at www.maddisonsofdurham.co.uk

However, if you need any assistance deciding which of our products is right for you, you can get the help you need by filling in our contact form. As soon as we get your enquiry, we’ll come back with an answer as soon as we possibly can.