Using a Watch Link Remover – A Brief Beginner’s Guide

- Maddisons UK

Obtaining a well-fitting metal watch strap can be tricky. The majority of the time, watch bands come in a few set sizes and, since we all have different sized wrists, it means that they end up either too loose or too tight. This is when a watch link remover can come in really handy, as it allows you to make the required adjustments both quickly and easily. 

If you’re new to making these kinds of alterations, then you’re probably thinking that this sounds like a daunting task. However, in truth, with the right tools at your disposal, it really is a piece of cake. In this blog, we’ll take a look at exactly how to do just that. It’s not complicated, so there’s not much to learn, but the tips we provide here will hopefully make the task that bit simpler.

Step #1 - Measuring Up Your Wrist

Just like the watch back removal process, removing watch links requires that you use the right tools. The right tool for this particular job would be something like our nifty watch link remover kit [Link to product] that comes with ten separate, differently-sized pins, a watch strap removal tool and a neat little wooden box holder.

That said, your first step is one of the most important – working out how many links you need to remove. If you take off too many, then it will obviously be too tight. Conversely, if too few are removed, then it will remain excessively loose. Where you take the links out  is important, too, because it will sit lop-sidedly if they’re removed from the wrong place.

Step #2 - Ensure Your Workspace Is Clear

The job in hand is a delicate one and so you need to be sure that your workspace is clear, that you have a flat surface to work on and that you have plenty of light to work under. Also, minimising your distractions will help proceedings enormously, as will something sitting at the boundary of your workspace to stop any small watch parts like ferrules and pins from rolling away – never to be seen again.

Step #3 - Removing the Cotter Pins

So, now to the nuts and bolts (pardon the pun) of the job in hand. After determining how many links need removing and from where, you’ll need to reach for your push-pin watch link remover tool and a ball-peen hammer. You’ll normally see some small arrows on the rear of the bracelet showing where the cotter pins are that you’ll need to tap out. 

You do this by placing the push pin tool over the cotter pin in question and tapping it lightly until it won’t go in any further. When the pin pokes out the other side, take it out with a pair of small-nosed pliers or with your finger and make sure you have a safe place to put it to prevent loss. 

After taking out all the necessary pins, simply connect everything back together and replace the cotter pins (again being super-careful, as it can be fiddly). You should now have a watch that fits you much better. What’s more, the whole process shouldn’t take long at all.

High-Quality Watch Repair Products

As you can see, even a small job like removing a metal watch strap link is made that much easier by the use of the right tool for the right job. At Watch Doctor, we offer a wide range of high-quality watch parts as well as a selection of robust tools like the watch link remover mentioned eariler. 

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