At Maddisons of Durham, you’ll find a wide selection of premium watch straps from your favourite brands, like Casio. We stock an extensive range of original replacement and third-party manufactured watch straps designed specifically for Casio models. Check your watch to make sure you get the correct model and size for your watch.

Where To Find Casio Model Number

Casio, like most watch brands, will imprint the watch model or case number on the back of the timepiece for identification.

– The model number is essential to selecting the correct watchband, so check your timepiece carefully.

– For Casio watches, the model number is a hyphenated number to the right of a number in a box on the back of the watch case.

– The number in the box is the watch’s movement module. 

Please note that not every watch band fits on every watch case. Use our Casio ID search to make sure you find a suitable band for your watch. Just enter the Casio model number into the search bar to find your perfect Casio strap.

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