Ring sticks and gauges are part of the essential toolkit for any jeweller. Sizing your ring creations accurately will ensure your customers are happy and satisfied with your creation. Wheatsheaf is one of the most trusted names in the field of ring measuring. As far back as 1898, Wheatsheaf first created the alphabet ring measuring scale which is most commonly used today. This was the first uniform standard for measuring rings and has been the dominant measuring scale ever since.

Wheatsheaf ring sizers

Despite attempts to introduce a British Standard ring measuring index, the Wheatsheaf scale has remained one of the most popular and trusted, and regained dominance in 1987. Maddisons of Durham is a proud stockist of the Wheatsheaf brand, and we offer an impressive collection of some of Wheatsheaf’s most essential ring sizing tools.

Wheatsheaf ring gauge

The Wheatsheaf ring gauge is one of the brand’s best-known tools. It features a metal hoop with individual rings threaded onto it, each marked with a letter. The gauge is used to accurately measure finger sizes in full sizes from H-Z. This tool is a must-have for anyone specialising in bespoke ring making or individual customers.

Wheatsheaf ring stick

We also stock a range of Wheatsheaf ring sticks. These ring sticks are marked with concentric, equidistant lines with a letter attached to each. Rings are placed on it to determine the size. Different size options are available, including an A-to-Z scale ring stick and A to Z+6. All feature a metal ring stick and a comfortable wooden handle so you can keep it easily and safely on your workbench or counter.

Wheatsheaf triblets

A triblet is a tapered metal tool used for forging rings. We stock Wheatsheaf triblets so you can accurately and precisely measure rings, whether you are creating a new ring or resizing an existing one. Our triblets can be hung easily and conveniently from a workbench via a hook so they are always at hand during the making process. Like the ring gauge, the triblet has concentric equal circles along its steel length, with different sizes marked on it so your measurements can be accurate and exact. Different sized triblets are available, including A to Z+6 and A to Z+10.

Our range also includes another staple of the ring making craft: collet forming plates and punches. Collet forming plates are used to make the metal claws that hold gemstones into place on jewellery. Different size collet holes are available, along with a punch.

Browse our collection of Wheatsheaf jewellery tools today to get all the kit you need to make sure your designs are accurate and sized correctly, ensuring that your customers are happy with the fit. Order your Wheatsheaf product before 2pm for next day delivery.

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