Whether you are a gemologist, gemstone buyer, wholesaler, or retailer, being able to validate stones quickly and accurately is very important. The ability to do this can help eliminate some of the insecurity in the market, caused in part by the copious volumes of synthetically manufactured diamonds around. This can create uncertainty in the valuation process and affect the entire market.

Step forward Gemometrics, who have created a range of handheld, portable tools that can help to validate diamonds, rubies and sapphires in a matter of minutes. Sweden-based Gemometrics was founded by gemmologist Torbjorn Lindwall, who has decades of experience identifying and valuing gems and jewellery all over the world. He set out to tackle the issues that were affecting the diamond and gemstone markets, and the GemPen was born.

Gemometrics GemPens

The Gemometrics GemPen is an essential piece of equipment for professionals who work in any aspect of gemmology. Portable and durable, these devices are able to instantly validate diamonds, rubies and sapphires to determine if they are natural, synthetic or treated. Simply place the handheld GemPen over the stone and a high-power UV light and wavelength filters create a fluorescing effect. This is then analysed to draw certain conclusions about the condition of the gemstone. It uses Ultra Spectrum Optical Filtering (USOF) technology to provide results that cannot be seen with an ordinary UV light.

Each GemPen comes with four different filters which are used depending on gemstone and manipulation type. Experts recommend that all four filters need to be used to gain optimal results. It is anticipated that new filters will be developed in the future for new types of synthetics and treatments, as well as for other gemstones.

Gemometrics GemPens for Testing Diamonds and Gems

At Maddisons of Durham, we are proud to be stockists of Gemometric GemPens. Our range includes the GemPen Diamond Screener, this portable “on the go” diamond tester pen is able to indicate natural, high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) diamonds and CVD lab-created diamonds. It can be used on rough, polished, or mounted diamonds of all sizes and on diamonds in the D to M colour range. Hundreds of stones can be screened in just a matter of minutes thanks to this battery-powered and USB rechargeable tool.

We also stock the GemPen Premium Diamond Screener, which includes filter one that is used to indicate natural, HP/HT and lab-created diamonds, as well as a host of additional filters allowing users to upgrade their analysis further. Further to this, you can also buy the GemPen Lens Filter Kit for the Diamond Screener here at Maddisons, which provides all the additional filters needed to upgrade the GemPen Diamond Screener into the GemPen Premium. Professional gemologists will also benefit from the GemPen Dark Room, which allows users to create a portable darkroom environment, perfect for obtaining results on the go. Shop our range of Gemometrics products today.

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