Aquaflame Systems

Whatever your jewellery soldering needs, from retipping rings to soldering heavy weight bracelets, look no further than our range of micro welders from Aquaflame Systems. At Maddisons of Durham, we are proud to be stockists of this trusted name, whose easy-to-use welding and soldering machines are employed within a wide range of different industries. While Aquaflame’s micro welders are widely used in jewellery making, they are also commonly used within dental and optical equipment repairs, among many other applications.

The Birmingham-based company has been a leader within this market since 1985 and aims to offer reliable and easy to control welding equipment that produces a clean, high-temperature flame that can be used for soldering and welding precious metals. Within the jewellery industry, Aquaflame’s micro welders can be used for melting precious metals, soldering chains, re-sizing rings, annealing wire and steel, micro-welding, and micro-soldering jewellery items. The brand’s machines have become widely used by independent jewellers and manufacturers alike, as well as jewellery repairers.

Aquaflame’s machines can also be used for edge polishing acrylic, allowing you to cleanly and easily finish even the most intricate of shapes in a single, easy action.

Their machines are also considered a clean and environmentally friendly option as they produce hydrogen and oxygen thanks to the electrolysis of distilled water. Other than energy, the only waste product is water. Their machines only produce gas as required making them a safe, clean, and efficient option.

Aquaflame Micro Welding

The Aquaflame micro welder range offers high performing, gas generating units that give high temperature flames ranging from 1,200 to 3,300 degrees. Among our selection is the Aquaflame Micro Welder 500 Model, which requires around 30ml of distilled water per day to operate and produces around 75 litres of gas per hour. It comes with 20 to 24 torch tips supplied and if used for flame polishing, can polish metals up to 5mm thick in one pass. Typical polishing times for this model are one metre per minute.

We also stock the Micro Welder 800 model, which is the brand’s bestselling machine for jewellery welding and soldering. It uses around 50ml of distilled water per day and produces around 120 litres of gas per hour. For flame polishing, it can handle materials up to 10mm thick in one pass, with a typical polishing time of two metres per minute. The larger Aquaflame Micro Welder 1200 model uses 100ml of distilled water per day and can polish metals up to 15mm thick in one pass.

Easy to use and control, Aquaflame welders have become a must-have for anyone who works with precious metals. They are reliable, relatively low-cost, and provide safe operating solutions for all your micro welding and edge polishing needs. Browse our impressive collection today to find the perfect machine for you.

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